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Moller Villa

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Moller Terrace room (A king-size bed)

The rooms are in the No.2 building. The No.2 building still remains its northern europe style with its convenience traffic, good scenery and tranquility, it's a standard Sino five star hotel. The hotel has luxurious lobby, small and comfortable Coffee bar, and fitness center, 39 luxurious and intelligent rooms. Here you can enjoy high quality seneschal service, perfect matching facilities. Modernized management and humanized service and all these provide customers the biggest convenience and they can enjoy the coziness and tranquility after business trip, experience the guests feel at home.

ERN 9955.08

From ERN 3365.70 / night

Total ERN 3870.63 for 1 night(s)
Tax Included
Tax ERN 504.78

2 rooms remaining

Superior Executive Room

The rooms are in the main building. The main building is a unique northern European Norway-style architecture with more than 80 years history.

ERN 11851.41

From ERN 5522.67 / night

Total ERN 6351.08 for 1 night(s)
Tax Included
Tax ERN 828.41

2 rooms remaining